Xiaoyu Yang

Producer, Director

Xiaoyu Yang is a New York-based filmmaker who is deeply committed to exploring feminist themes, cultural experiences, and powerful visual storytelling that resonates with audiences on an emotional level. With over a decade of experience in the video post-production process, Xiaoyu honed her skills as a quick and imaginative editor, mastering the art of video editing long before the digital era. After being captivated by the filmmaking techniques and environment in the US, Xiaoyu pursued her dream of becoming a filmmaker and earned her Master of Fine Arts in filmmaking from the City College of New York. Her directorial debut, a feature-length biographical documentary, garnered seven awards, including Best Director and Best Documentary, in the International Independent Documentary Award. Xiaoyu’s talent and dedication have been recognized with numerous awards, including Best Director from the ACA for “Best Asian Director” and a BAFTA New York Scholar recognition. She is a versatile filmmaker, skilled in directing, video editing, and screenwriting in bilingual. With a proven track record of successfully handling projects of all budgets, Xiaoyu’s latest conceptual commercial short film collaboration with Nisi earned her the Best Editing and Sound Design award, showcasing her unparalleled fearlessness and determination. Xiaoyu has a well-developed level of proficiency in directing, video editing, and screenwriting in bilingual and has a successful track record of managing projects of various budget sizes.