Golden Skies

“A Lovable Story of Eagle Hunting and the Mongolian Glories”

Discover the ancient art of eagle hunting and the unbreakable bond between Kazakhs and bird in “Golden Skies”, the thrilling documentary that follows two cousins on a journey to compete in The Golden Eagle Festival, where only one can be crowned the Best Eagle Hunter of All.

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About the Film

“Golden Skies” is a captivating character-driven documentary that chronicles the lives of two cousins, Khoz (30) and Seka (21), hailing from a family of esteemed Kazakh eagle hunters in Mongolia. Khoz is eager to train an eagle to support the family’s burgeoning tourism enterprise, while Seka is resolute in his ambition to clinch first place at the prestigious Golden Eagle Festival, aspiring to be recognized as the ultimate eagle hunter. However, life takes unexpected turns, and the cousins must navigate through their differences, unforeseen challenges, and even the spirited independence of their eagle companions. 
During the late summer peak of tourism season, Khoz conceives a plan to acquire eagle hunting expertise to boost the family business. Thus, Khoz embarks on the journey of training the eagle. In contrast, Seka, her cousin and mentor, stands as the sole heir to the legacy of eagle hunting among Shaimurat’s six children. He has received training since childhood, aspiring to emulate his father, Shaimurat, celebrated as one of the greatest eagle hunters of all time. Despite multiple participations in the Golden Eagle Festival, Seka has yet to secure the coveted first prize. Surprisingly, his father encourages him to maintain a lighthearted perspective and not overly fixate on winning, echoing the optimism inherent in nomadic culture.
As Seka and Khoz dedicate themselves to training their eagles, they develop a profound and unique connection with their feathered companions. This year marks Seka’s fourth appearance at the Golden Eagle Festival. Throughout their journey, audiences will be introduced to a host of eccentric and competitive eagle hunters from various corners of the nation, bearing witness to the heartwarming, amusing, and touching relationships forged between man and bird.
With breathtaking landscapes as a backdrop and a delightful fusion of Mongolia’s traditional melodies with modern, fantasy-inspired soundtracks, “Golden Skies” emerges as a heartwarming comedy that celebrates the values of family, tradition, and the indomitable spirit of determination.

Rated: PG
Release Date: TBA

Our Team

Dr. Kah-Wai Lin


Dr. Kah-Wai Lin has a M.D. and a Ph.D. degree and was a research scientist at Princeton University. Currently based in New Jersey, he is a landscape & travel photographer, educator, speaker, writer and documentary film producer. Kah-Wai is a highly skilled and dedicated individual who has been working closely with the Kazakh eagle hunter community for several years. With a deep passion and understanding of their history, tradition and culture, Kah-Wai has developed a strong connection with the community and an excellent working relationship with the several local families. Through his involvement in various projects, such as photo workshops, tourism promotion, and book and film projects, Kah-Wai has demonstrated his commitment to promoting and preserving the Kazakh eagle hunter community’s heritage. His work has been invaluable in showcasing the beauty and cultural significance of this ancient tradition.

Xiaoyu Yang

Producer, Director

Xiaoyu Yang is a New York-based filmmaker who is deeply committed to exploring feminist themes, cultural experiences, and powerful visual storytelling that resonates with audiences on an emotional level. With over a decade of experience in the video post-production process, Xiaoyu honed her skills as a quick and imaginative editor, mastering the art of video editing long before the digital era. After being captivated by the filmmaking techniques and environment in the US, Xiaoyu pursued her dream of becoming a filmmaker and earned her Master of Fine Arts in filmmaking from the City College of New York. Her directorial debut, a feature-length biographical documentary, garnered seven awards, including Best Director and Best Documentary, in the International Independent Documentary Award. Xiaoyu’s talent and dedication have been recognized with numerous awards, including Best Director from the ACA for “Best Asian Director” and a BAFTA New York Scholar recognition. She is a versatile filmmaker, skilled in directing, video editing, and screenwriting in bilingual. With a proven track record of successfully handling projects of all budgets, Xiaoyu’s latest conceptual commercial short film collaboration with Nisi earned her the Best Editing and Sound Design award, showcasing her unparalleled fearlessness and determination. Xiaoyu has a well-developed level of proficiency in directing, video editing, and screenwriting in bilingual and has a successful track record of managing projects of various budget sizes.

Lee Crynma Zhang

Cinematographer, Co-Director

Lee Crynma Zhang is an experienced cinematographer and producer who has worked on various projects, including narrative, documentary, commercial, and new media. With almost a decade of experience in the film and digital video industry, Lee is known for delivering exceptional cinematography that captures the essence of the story. For Lee, the cinematography is a collaborative art form that requires creative minds, technical expertise, problem-solving, and ingenuity. He approaches each project with respect for the director’s vision, providing them with the creative space they need to bring their ideas to life on the screen. As a proficient user of almost all professional cameras on the market, Lee is comfortable working with a full-scale crew or a dynamic duo. He is always ready for the next creative challenge and thrives under pressure. Born into a multi-ethnic melting pot, Lee has been exposed to different cultures, arts, styles, and perspectives from an early age. This upbringing instilled in him a love for diversity and an appreciation for working on films with vastly different cultural backgrounds, techniques, formats, and aesthetic perspectives. Through the years, he has been challenged, awakened, and inspired by these diverse cinematographic styles, learning something new from every piece he has worked on. Lee’s confident and assertive demeanor and his passion for cinematography have earned him a reputation as a go-to cinematographer and producer in New York City. He continues to grow and learn as a creative every day, committed to delivering exceptional work that leaves a lasting impact on his audience.

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